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History of the Angelus Brand

The Angelus Brand was started in Chicago, where Paul T. Angelus arrived almost a century ago. Being a Greek immigrant, the way his business developed could best be described as the ultimate American Dream.

Shining shoes, he made a living for himself until he had saved up enough to make the trip to Los Angeles. After a while, he had secured enough savings to open up his own shoe shine stand. The stand quickly made way for two more, and he shortly brought his brothers over from Greece to help the business take off. He was crowned “King of the Bootblacks” and shortly after, developed his own shoe shine.

The demand for their shoe shine exploded, and the shine stands were sold and focus was put on the development of the product we still know today. As time went on and demand began to fade due to changes in the manufacturing process, the business was sold.

More recently, the Angelus brand has been brought back and restored to its former glory! As a result of the changes, Angelus is now once again the top manufacturer of shoe polish, leather paint, leather dye and other accessories.

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