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Angelus Leather Paint Blue Turquoise

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Angelus Leather Paint Blue Turquoise

For best results, use Angelus Leather Paint Blue Turquoise! This unique leather paint has outstanding coverage and was specially developed to paint smooth leather. Due to the excellent coverage, it is possible to paint over a darker colour. The Angelus paint does not rub off or stain, and it retains its original colour over time. What’s even better, is that it does not scratch nor does it break off or flake. After it has finished drying, the Angelus leather paint is also completely waterproof!

Give your leather clothes, shoes, accessories, and furniture a new look with the Angelus leather paint. Restoring and restyling an old leather item is easier than you would think. It is only a matter of making sure that the leather surface is prepped for paint, for example by using the Angelus Preparer and Deglazer. Proper preparation ensures a beautiful end result.

Using Angelus Angelus Leather Paint Blue Turquoise

As Angelus leather paint is water-based, it results in paint that is splash-proof, with the added advantage that you can always easily clean the painted surface. This gives the leather a good layer of protection, even in bad weather conditions. This paint comes in two different sizes of bottles: 29.5 ml and 118 ml.

  • First, make sure the leather is thoroughly pre-treated, e.g. with the Angelus Preparer and Deglazer.
  • Apply the first coat of paint in a thin, even layer. Remember to include the seams and cracks.
  • Apply the new layer as soon as the first layer is dry. Make sure to apply thin layers for the best results. On average, it takes 10 to 15 minutes before the layer has dried and the next one can be applied. Apply several layers until the desired result is achieved. Usually, this is the case after three to four coats.
  • Leave the last applied layer of paint to dry for at least 24 hours before using the painted product.

How much Angelus Angelus Leather Paint Blue Turquoise do I need?

  • A small bottle of 29,5 ml is suited for painting one pair of leather shoes.
  • With a bigger bottle of 118 ml, painting an entire car seat or dining chair is possible.
  • For a small two-seater sofa, we recommend using 4 large bottles of 118 ml each, for the best coverage.
  • The amount of Angelus Preparer and Deglazer and finisher required is normally half the amount of paint used.
In addition to Angelus Leather Paint Blue Turquoise, we have many more beautiful colours and types of Angelus leather paint. View the full assortment of Angelus Brand!

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Satisfaction guarantee

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How much paint should I use?

This depends on the size, type, and intended use of the item you are going to paint. A pair of shoes such as trainers can be painted with three thin coats using one 29.5 ml jar.

Is applying a white coat of paint necessary before doing anything else?

Even though Angelus Leather Paint has great opacity, lightening dark-coloured leather can be tricky. We thus recommend applying a coat of white leather paint first, to ensure the best colour quality.

Should I apply the leather paint in several coats?

Yes, always apply the paint in several layers using thin coats. An excessively thick coat of paint will not remain elastic, resulting in cracks and tears.

For how long does the paint need to dry?

We recommend letting each thin coat dry for 10-25 minutes; the final coat should be left to dry for 24 hours before applying finishers.

How can I reduce the glossiness of the paint?

The Angelus Duller was developed to specifically reduce glossiness in leather paint. Before painting, it is both easy and quick to mix the Duller with your leather paint to get a more matt finish.

Is the leather paint suited for every type of leather?

Yes, the Angelus Leather Paint is suited for all types of smooth leather. For non-smooth leather such as suede, we offer various dyes.

Which brushes are the most suitable?

Acrylic brushes do not leave any streaks behind. Other soft brushes will also work for the same reason.

How do I clean the brushes?

Cleaning the brushes is easy by using water or an acrylic remover.

Can the paints be mixed?

Yes, all Angelus Leather Paint colours can be safely mixed with one another to create a different desired shade.

The standard colour is too dark. What can I do?

If you find one of our colours is too dark, then easily lighten it by mixing it with neutral-coloured paint.

Is using a finisher necessary?

The quality of the Angelus leather paint is such that using a finisher is not necessary. However, you will ensure maximum benefits and protection by applying a finisher. We especially recommend using finishers, if only a part of an item surface has been painted, in which case the result will be even more even.

Can I use an airbrush?

Angelus Leather Paint can also be applied excellently with an airbrush. Some customers choose to slightly thin the paint first using Angelus Finisher, so that the leather paint moves through the nozzle better.

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